Protecting Yourself In Sports

Sports are a great way to form skills, form hand eye coordination and learn teamwork.  When it comes to picking a sport, you have a lot of options to choose from.  Basketball, football, soccer are probably the first sports that you will have come to mind.  These are possibly the most popular sports but there are a lot of sports to choose from. No matter what sport you choose protecting yourself is top priority.


The first thing that you want to do is wear the proper clothing.  To start with, riding clothes, knee pads, helmets and even proper shoes are required when playing a sport.  If you are not wearing the proper clothing, you could become injured.


riding clothes

Before getting out onto the field or court you want to stretch or warm up your muscles.  Some of the most damaging injuries that we receive from playing sports is due from not stretching or warming up our bodies.  When we stretch, we are preparing our bodies to move in the ways needed.

Protect your head

Brain injuries and other trauma are becoming more and more prominent.  In sports such as soccer players hit the ball with their head.  This impact on the head is starting to show injuries that were once unknown.  Some people who have been playing soccer their entire lives have donated their brains to scientific research when they die to help those better understand the possible damages caused to the brain.

Have fun

When playing sports, you want to have fun, but you need to be safe as well.  Keep your eyes open, your mind clear and focused on your objective.  Most injuries also occur when we don’t pay attention to what we are doing as well what others are doing.  So, take your time and have fun.