Commercial Printing Tips

The world of digital design and print on demand services is increasing in popularity on a daily basis.  With the development of 3D printers, doctor blades for flexo printing, and inexpensive software that will allow people to design their dreams the possibilities being created are endless.

doctor blades for flexo printing

Find your purpose

Finding your purpose when it comes to printing is still very important.  Just like other areas in business you can’t be nor should you want to be everything for everyone.  You want to find and stick to a niche that will get you the most profits.  If you start to offer too many services, you can easily find yourself doing a lot of low paying and high time-consuming tasks.  Finding your purpose should be job one.

Decide on a customer base

Who is your customer and why do you want to service them?  What you want to do is look around your area and see what needs are not being met.  In most cases you will find that one specific need or market is being met and even saturated.  Instead of trying to jump into this and tap into that market focus on something smaller that fits a large audience and can bring them to you.  Once you have them in, then you can offer the larger services that others are offering but don’t advertise it.

Have high quality samples

People want to know what it is they are getting.  The best way to do this is to give them several samples that they can choose from.  When a potential customer sees an item, can touch it in their hands and really appreciate what it is they are getting, then they will be more than likely to purchase.  However, if you are just offering an idea or are not clear on what it is they are getting, it will be very hard for customers to understand.